July 6th 2024

Our Theme Is Sustainability

That’s right, our theme this year is sustainability and Green projects. The deadline for applications has passed and we thank everyone who has applied. We’ll be posting more details of the projects you can expect to see this year on our Makers page very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

It’s not easy being green…

Kermit the frog from the Muppet Show

Team MakeFest

It’s a ‘Fab’ welcome back to the largest free Maker Event in the UK! If you’ve not attended before, Liverpool Makefest is a one day hybrid technology and arts & crafts participatory festival where lovely makers get together to show their projects to the public, with the hope of enthusing the next generation of creative technologists and artists. It’s a fun, educational, buzzing and often wacky day that takes place in the unusual setting of Liverpool Central Library.

In 2023 We Had A Retro Theme

1963 was a pivotal year for the country and particularly Liverpool, including the new Labour government and the launch of the Beatles first album, alongside the Merseybeat musical explosion. 2023 also sees the 60th anniversary of Harold Wilson’s ‘White Heat’ of technology speech and the launch of Dr.Who – both things close to heart of Liverpool MakeFest! As we seem to be in another phase of technological transition right now we decided to celebrate everything retro and particularly 1960’s retro.

We are asking our makers and visitors to dress up within the 60’s theme -fashion, fantasy, film or TV. Or just your favourite Dr.Who! The will be a prize for the best maker costume, the best adult costume and best children’s costume.

So why not come over and have some fun maybe learn a new skill, see some amazing things and have a go yourself.

It’s Completely Free!

Our event is totally free to attend and open to all. It’s important to us that everyone has equal access to this great resource. We do have FREE tickets available via Eventbrite. You won’t be asked for your ticket to gain entrance but it helps us show support for the event and justify future funding.