Makers 2017

If you’re coming to see all the makers on the day please register: see this page.

Women in Tech 2017

Chelsea Slater, has brought together a showcase of women working with technology to inspire and educate everyone.

Little Sandbox

Little Sandbox is a tech club in Bootle for kids aged 8 – 12. Activities include coding, animation, electronics, robotics, design and film making. We’ll bring along some video games we’ve made, and some robotic arms and other gadgets to display. @LittleSandboxUK

Little Vintage Photography

Little Vintage Photography was founded by Rachel Brewster to help people embrace the unique, experimental and beautiful craft of analogue photography. She explores the convergence of traditional processes and modern technology through both STEM and creative fields and runs ‘Discover & Create’ workshops such as Pinhole to Pinterest, combining the magic of traditional darkroom techniques […]

Liverpool Girl Geeks

We don’t need to tell you what we do – if you actually don’t know you can read all about us here! Beth Heale and Amelia Roberts are graduates from our first ever Girl Geek Academy and are super star web designers, bloggers AND ultimate Girl Geeks! Beth and Amelia will be taking over the […]


LivWiSE (Liverpool Women in Science & Engineering) is a joint initiative by the Faculties of Science and Engineering at the University of Liverpool. Working closely with Athena Swan and the Equality and Diversity Networks. LivWiSE has been created to promote women in Engineering and Science, and provides events and opportunities for networking and mentoring.  Ranging in age […]

Rachel Freire

Rachel Freire

Rachel Freire is an artist and designer who uses the body as a canvas. Her work combines material innovation with traditional craftsmanship, focusing on provocative narratives, value attributions and sustainable processes. With a background in fine art, she graduated from Central Saint Martins with a BA in Design for Performance and launched her conceptual fashion […]

The Nerdy Gift Company

The Nerdy Gift Company was set up by a couple of nerds (like us!), working together at a design agency with a shared desire for cool, made to order gifts and accessories that appealed to them and their friends. Most of their ideas border on the geeky side of life. But of course being a […]

Culture Matters Workshops

As part of the Culture Matters call two artists have been commisioned to provide inclusive workshops at Liverpool MakeFest. We’re really looking forward to seeing you taking part in them!


Code-A-Drone showcases the power of coding in a fun and creative environment. During the activity, the participants learn how to code a mini drone to take off, fly, turn, do stunts, take photos and land safely. This can involve completing a range of challenges that put these new skills to the test or a specially […]

Crafty Explorers – Plant Making

Participants will act as explorers, discovering new and exotic plant life through creative making.Using 2d and 3d collaging, they will create imaginative plants and flowers that have never before been discovered. Using 2d and 3d collaging, they will create imaginative plants and flowers that have never before been discovered.These could be from the depths of […]

Business Advice

Gary Millar

Gary Millar is running a special business advice desk at Makefest on the ground floor from 11am for any makers and creatives who would like some business or intellectual property advice.

Makers 2017

Mark Sabino and Jennifer Fenner have curated a showcase of makers offering everything from displays (keen to talk about their makes), demostrations (keen to show off their makes), workshops (keen for you to try your own makes) and traders (keen for you to invest in your makes). A full smorgasboard of science, tech, engineering, arts and mathematics awaits!

ABX Labs

ABX Labs – what do you want to make?

” Cool Components and Boards…” Making cool stuff is easy (and cheap) if you know where to get the bits!

All that Glitters

A showcase of all of my sparkling handmade crystal creations, from jewellery to journals and wearable art. I also have videos ofme making and working with silver and I’ll be demonstrating macrame. @rubysparrow Not suitable for children under 8. Adult supervision recommended.  

Calday Robotics team – Soccer Robots

We will be talking to people about Robocup, how to enter. We are trying to generate funds for to take the robotics team to Japan for the International Soccer Robots Final in July. @CaldayRobotics

Codebug and Edge Hill University Geek-squad

Codebug & Edge Hill University Geek-squad – Coding just got physical Codebug is the cute, programmable and wearable device designed to introduce simple programming and electronic concepts to anyone, at any age. Endlessly versatile, you could use CodeBug to create a musical instrument, animated badge, alarm system, dancemat or even a robot. At Liverpool Makefest you become an […]

Concretedogs rocket and satellites and stuff

I build model rockets and run workshops on designing rockets also I have bootstrapped a cnc miller and make some small satellite components and am on numerous satellite pico satellite teams. I will bring a load of inert rockets and some example satellite chassis bits and will have examples of how to design stuff etc. […]

A boy looks at one of Toy Hacker's Robots in awe

Creative Stitch & Toy Hacker

We are a couple who love to create, modify and develop our ideas. We hope that by demonstrating our work we can encourage others to go away and develop ideas of their own. Creative Stitch is a collection of mixed media and textile pieces produced using both hand and machine stitches. Toy Hacker loves to […]

Dee Wood Jewellery

Titanium, copper and sterling silver jewellery, incorporating semi-precious stones, handmade using traditional jewellers’ skills.

DoES Liverpool

@DOESLiverpool DoES Liverpool is a community: First and foremost DoES Liverpool is a community of people with a diverse range of skills and interests. By joining the DoES community you will get to mingle with entrepreneurs and company founders, artists and makers, developers and hardware engineers, academics and students (and many people that are less […]

Domestic Science: Adventures in Text!

Domestic Science will be showing prototype formats for playing text adventures and interactive non-fiction in the real world: Physical arcade/game cabinet for text adventure games and potentially a demo of Avatap an RFID & micropython driven physical text adventure game. @DomesticaSci

Guitar in progress with 3D printed body

Electric Flapjack Guitars

When traditional guitar building meets modern digital fabrication – come see how one guitar builder is trying to take the best of both worlds to create new musical instruments. @EFGuitars exists to inspire digital makers, support Computing in schools and promote appropriate use of technology. Visit our stand to create with Minecraft, Python, Scratch and Raspberry Pi as well as physical computing experiments. @exafoundation

Excite with Science!

A display stand featuring a range of exciting experiments and hands-on opportunities to attract and engage visitors. @WEA_STEMM  

FACT ‘New Observatory’ Talking to Satellites

FACT is the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology based in Liverpool which is the UK’s leading new media arts organisation. Our exhibition, ‘The New Observatory’ explores what it means to collect data in a digital world. In this workshop we will tune into satellites orbiting the earth and see what we can learn from […]

Field Ready: humanitarian making

Sharing Field Ready’s work making essential supplies on the ground in humanitarian crises, through videos/poster/some demo items, and talking about how others can get involved as humanitarian makers.    

Furniture From The Wood

Furniture designed and made by students from recycled materials at Studio@Deyes.

Girl On Purl Action

Girl On Purl Action

Doing all kinds of amazing things with wool and yarn. Watch out for the yarnbombing action all over the library! @GOnPurlAction

Glass Heart Creative

Glass heart creative is an artisan stained glass business that provides a quality service in unique stained glass products. We make beautiful home ware ranging from guitar lights to quirky one off jewelry. Activity: Sales  

Ingite Liverpool

Ignite Liverpool

Ignite showcases Liverpool’s movers and shakers, creators, thinkers, tinkers, innovators and doers, makers and dreamers in a fast paced format designed to inspire.

Ingenues children’s activities

Ingenues​ is a not for profit creating children’s activities and workshops based on inspirational women and their fields. These include experiments, costumes activities and games so children can learn in a fun and engaging way. @weareingenues

Inventor’s Asylum

A place to invent the future or fix up the past. We work with the community and individual makers on projects ranging from fashion based wearables through 3D printed Nerf turrets to all things arcade including the restoration of vintage pachinko machines.


Kites is a sculpture made from digital and hadmade fabrication methods. Inspired by wind chimes and mobiles. Using an air sensor combined with an illusion of weightlessness the Kites reflect how they would look in flight.

Knit RGB Disco version 2.0

Punchcard knitting machine, isadora, dmx RGB lighting system, camera. An automatic knitting machine controls lighting, sound and projection by using binary values on a punchcard to create RGB colour values. By punching holes in the punchcard, the audience is able to programme any RGB value, which is tracked by the camera and passed to the […]

LED Based Displays

A variety of LED based displays housed in everyday objects. They include (but not limited to): weather displays housed in lanterns and photo frames; persistance of vision clocks based on rotating LEDs housed in cake tins.

Lighten Up!

We make lampshades! See demonstrations and buy a lampshade to take home. @keelelisa0104

Members of LAS and the public

Liverpool Astronomical Society

Sic Itur Ad Astra – Thus The Way To The Stars… LiverpoolAS Brief History Founded in 1881 – over 130 years of Astronomy on Merseyside. Registered as a Charitable Educational Trust (No. 519955), the Liverpool Astronomical Society actively promotes Astronomy throughout Merseyside and the surrounding area of the North West of England, UK. Liverpool […]

Liverpool Code Club

We run a free, weekly Code Club for kids aged 8–12yrs old, at Liverpool Central Library. We’re always looking for new kids, and new volunteers. More info at

MadeInvaders – NERF shooting range

“Made Invaders – NERF shooting range” @DefProc @madeinvaders     Fancy yourself as a sharp-shooter? Then why not come and try your hand against the professionals with this hi-tech shoot ’em up? So why not come and marvel at their engineering, or better still, have a go at beating their scores with NERF guns? It CAN be done… […]

Make Liverpool

We’ll be bringing a display of what our maker-space is like. We’ll have lots of goodies to hand out, and some interactive exhibits. @makeliverpool

Makerspace CPC

Makerspace CPC

Interactive demos: Raspberry Pi powered capacitive touch reaction game. Microbit controlled crane Minecraft Selfie machine Exhibition and knowledge on computing boards and kits for Makers and Educators @Makerspace_CPC

Making Book Art and North West Book Artists

Liverpool Book Art and North West Book Artists group showcase their work, showing examples and demonstrations. @LpoolBookArt

Making: Information

The world is a messy place that’s hard to make sense of. Having skills to make sense of the world provides you with the ability to understand, decide and create anything you want. Our workshops will be showing you how to work with information to: * Create things. * Plan things. * See things. Our […]

Meet the Daleks!

“Greetings from Skaro…” Extreme treatment for Daleknaphobia! You may want to bring your sonic screwdrivers! The Daleks are coming to MakeFest!!! The team behind the most realistic, fully interactive, talking Dalek are back again. Don’t miss this opportunity!  

MeLT-3D Printing ++

We use 3D printing as a starting point – not an end point – to our many maker activities. Visitors will be able to help cast model bridges in plaster of Paris using 3D printed formwork. You’ll be extruding pasta using custom printed dies. And you’ll use 3DP patterns and moulds for making things in […]

Micro Pi Noon

Control a sub A6 Raspberry Pi fighting robot, and pop your opponent(s) balloon before they pop yours. @CannonFodder

Minecraft: minecrobit

Showcase / interactive hacks involving Minecraft / Pi and microbits. @warksraspijam @warksmessabout @ncscomputing

Northern Space Consortium

Engaging, connecting and coordinating the North with the UK’s multi-billion GBP space sector. @thensc_uk

Novoda team


Novoda are a mobile development agency who works with Android, iOS and IoT. At Makefest, we’re focusing on Android Things! We have created interactive game’s using Android and hardware sensors & lights. Novoda will be showcasing their Wack-A-Light game! Based on the arcade classic Whac-A-Mole and updated to be relevant and fun in the maker […]


PatternCraft is an analogue to digital punchcard reader that teaches the fundamentals of encoding data through the write once medium of a physical punchcard. Create your own punchcard and use it to send messages, build structures in Minecraft or program sound. @PatternCraftUK

Playtime at the FabLab

FabLab Liverpool, John Moores University: Play around with the technology available at the FabLab, around the theme of Health and Wellbeing. Activities include: “Engrave what makes you happy” to create personalized stamps and contribute to a collaborative art peice. “Print your happy face” where we’ll 3D scan and print attendees smiling faces. V-Art where attendees […]

POP Models

I make animal models using Plaster of Paris and moulds. I sell these hand made products. Children and indeed adults can use water colour to paint them. It looks great after adding a final coat of clear nail vanish.  

Preston Hackspace

We are a community-run workshop based in Preston where people come to share tools and knowledge. @prestonhack

Python-Programmable Rainbow Badges

Python- Programmable Rainbow Badgeswith @ShrimpingIt This accessible workshop shares how to wire up and program the wifi-enabled, python-programmable Cockle ESP8266, using the example of an 8 pixel color-controllable badge running off 4xAAA batteries. The ESP8266 is an emerging, exciting technology fuelling the development of the Internet of Things. The Cockle is our own python-programmable remix […]

Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology Club

Young or old, whoever you are, if you have a technology interest then Quantum will help you share it. Young people (9 – 16) have code club where they can explore the likes of computer coding, electronics, wireless technologies and web design. They even get help from the senior section to give them experience in […]

RC2014 banner


Retro Homebrew Z80 Computer Kit RC2014 is a range of homebrew computer kits based on cutting edge technology from the late 1970s / early 1980s.  Featuring the Z80 CPU (The same CPU that your ZX Spectrum used), these kits are not only a fun electronics project to solder together, but are great to code in […]


Featuring a free ‘Make and Take’ activity as well as demonstrations of papercraft workshops, scrapbooking, Project Life, Memory Keeping, Art Journaling, Home Decor and gifts.

Story Builders Den Building

Fully interactive den building, including either story based den building, or den inspired story telling, depending on you. We supply large fabrics, plastic, tape, paper, crates, pegs and long canes; and you supply the imagination and the gravity defying engineering skills!


We are a 14-19 school specialising in engineering and fashion. We are showcasing our students’ work. @studioatdeyes

tactile electronics

I run workshops and projects that use technology to engage people with art, science and nature. I specialise in using techniques such as paper electronics and e-textiles to make interactive artworks with people. @laura_pullig

The Cassandra Complex

Cassandra is an interactive, electronic fortune teller machine.

The CREATE Education Project

“The CREATE Education Project brings together game changing technology with inspirational content and creative minds. This collaborative platform is designed to provide FREE resources and support to help educators to introduce and embed 3D Printing technology in the classroom. These include professional development resources, lesson resources, project ideas and inspiration. Contributors and community members are […]

The EduBlocks Project

EduBlocks is a companion to introduce Physical Computing and has been designed as an easy pathway to electronics and coding for children aged 7 and above.

The Liverpool League of Gentlemen (And Extraordinary Ladies)

Crafting Steampunk and Retro-future wonders from everyday items introducing the splendid world of steampunk to the world, encouraging and engaging and daring the public to be splendid!

The RoboGames

The RoboGames are a set of 3 team games overseen by a giant floating robot called OLO. OLO is made using weather balloon with internally mounted Neopixel strips, 3D printed propellor cowlings and a hacked remote control unit. OLO is piloted to float above players, filming what is happening beneath and displaying the state of […]

This Material Culture

We’re a Liverpool jewellery company and we make all sorts of quirky unique pieces of jewellery.

Tosca – hanging on your every word

Tosca generates and writes poetry. @tosca_poet

Warrington Fab Lab logo

Warrington Fablab

Our FabLab is free for the public of any age to attend and use! We are a space filled with equipment including top of the range CNC routers, laser cutter and 3D printing services as well as specialist woodworking and metalworking facilities. We have anything you need to make projects for a purpose, from wedding […]

Western Spiral Art

My name is Esther. I am a maker of sci-fi and fantasy-inspired works of art, including pen and ink drawings, painted glass and mixed media accessories such as magic wands. At Makefest I will be running a workshop where you can paint your own magic wands! I have mixed media wands that I’ve made, base […]


The Search For Extra Teletextual Intelligence (SETI) is a digital art project devised to engage young people aged 12 – 19. The project will challenge participants to consider their perceptions about different visual mediums, and to create their own digital art exhibition. Children and young people will work with digital artists to create pieces of […]