Quantum Technology Club

Quantum Technology

Young or old, whoever you are, if you have a technology interest then Quantum will help you share it.

Young people (9 – 16) have code club where they can explore the likes of computer coding, electronics, wireless technologies and web design.
They even get help from the senior section to give them experience in amateur radio including examinations to get them licensed if they wish.
It is a perfect environment to help youthful curiosity thrive in a world increasingly full of technology.

The senior section covers a broad range of experience including amateur radio, 3D printing, computers, electronics, micro controllers, coding, CNC and much more.

We offer help and support to projects and ideas and welcome new skills and experience with enthusiasm.


We have big plans for Quantum over the coming year to help it grow and do even more. If you would like to join in then we want you to be a part of it.

This will be our third year at the Liverpool MakeFest and we aim to show you the variety of our club and what we have to offer.


We have a fusion of 3D printed parts, micro controllers and over 600 Neopixels to produce a customised light display synchronised to music
Using readily available components and free software our design animates the display 20 times a second and maps each LED to its actual position in real life.

3D printed parts have been designed and printed to hold and frame the LEDs in the correct position.
The result is a Wifi controlled display utilising E1.31 protocol that can be programmed with customised sequences

On a more traditional theme our Morse code challenge is a firm favourite that is far more fun than the modern text message.
It’s Arduino micro controller will show in text what you key in Morse.

Our slow scan TV demonstration will transport you back to even before John Logie Baird’s time.
Think “fax machine television”, which doesn’t sound modern but the results will surprise you.



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