Quantum Technology Club

Young or old, whoever you are, if you have a technology interest then Quantum will help you share it.

Young people (9 – 16) have code club where they can explore the likes of computer coding, electronics, wireless technologies and web design. They even get help from the senior section to give them experience in amateur radio including examinations to get them licensed if they wish.
It is a perfect environment to help youthful curiosity thrive in a world increasingly full of technology.

The senior section covers a broad range of experience including amateur radio, 3D printing, computers, electronics, micro controllers, coding, CNC and much more.

Quantum Technology Club are proud to be back at Liverpool Makefest 2023. This year we return with past favourites and some new exciting ideas.

  • Giant Tetris is back along with NeoPixel Connect4
  • We have our morse code challenge to try
  • Our Amateur Radio experts have a great demonstration on digital modes
  • The vinyl cutting and crafting team have some creative ideas to see

We also have two brand new displays to premier at Makefest!

Watch our in-house designed and programmed hanging drawing robot entertain you and interact with our huge Quantum Dome, a 2.5m tall icosahedron with over 2500 NeoPixels



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