The RoboGames

The RoboGames are a set of 3 team games overseen by a giant floating robot called OLO. OLO is made using weather balloon with internally mounted Neopixel strips, 3D printed propellor cowlings and a hacked remote control unit. OLO is piloted to float above players, filming what is happening beneath and displaying the state of the game by changing colour. There are 3 games

1) Robot Rugby, which is a cross between rugby & doing the robot.

2) Fill the board for which teams compete to tag each other. Players strap oversized plastic buttons to their back, each time you tag a player from the other team another part of OLO is lit up your teams colour. The aim is to turn completely your colour.

3) Pixel workout is a group dance activity in which dancers play the role of pixels on a screen.



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