Novoda are a mobile development agency who works with Android, iOS and IoT. At Makefest, we’re focusing on Android Things! We have created interactive game’s using Android and hardware sensors & lights.

Novoda will be showcasing their Wack-A-Light game! Based on the arcade classic Whac-A-Mole and updated to be relevant and fun in the maker community. Wack-A-Light will exhibit the use of TensorFlow and Machine Learning to enable the built-in Artificial Intelligence to improve the game‘s fun and addictiveness based on the feedback of the people playing. It’ll be less wacking and more waving your arms around frantically to turn the lights out, using a Raspberry Pi, Kotlin, Firebase and Android Mobile Devices it should be a fun and interactive demo. We’ll have the prototypes and examples of the underlying hardware out for people to look through, and as always we will run a competition with the highest Wack-A-Light scores of the day winning awesome TBA prizes.


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