DoES Liverpool

DoES Liverpool


DoES Liverpool is a community: First and foremost DoES Liverpool is a community of people with a diverse range of skills and interests. By joining the DoES community you will get to mingle with entrepreneurs and company founders, artists and makers, developers and hardware engineers, academics and students (and many people that are less easy to label!).


DoES Liverpool is a place: We are a co-working space located in the heart of Liverpool. Desks are available to rent by the month or by the day.  The DoES workshop is well equipped with a range of electronics equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, vacuum former and CNC mill.


DoES Liverpool hosts events: We organise a range of regular and semi-regular events. We also host a number of events run by different people.

DoES Liverpool is a company: We are a Community Interest Company. This means that any profit we make is fed back in to help the community make the space bigger, or buy more useful bits of kit.