The HEdWorks Project – maker education

“Maker Education”



The HEdWorks Project is a flagship Maker Education initiative based at LJMU that seeks to bring makers and educators together.

At its heart Maker Education (or MakerEd for short) is hands-on, project-driven, self-directed learning with an emphasis on learning by experimenting, using resurces and tools (laser cutters, 3D printers, digital routers, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis etc) in a space where students and pupls can be taght the basics of 3D printing, garment / wearbales design, coding. app development, materials, electronics, soldering etc., and thereafter…learn by doing.


So come along to the HEdWorks stand and have a play with the some of the cool things  we’re using to make education fun!


Have a go with our radio-controlled blimp…


… or take a spy-tank selfie…


… check out our Power Up 3.0…


… or our mobile phone thermal imaging camera…


There’s a whole bunch of cool stuff to play with 🙂