Venue Accessibility

Liverpool Central Library has level access throughout, with Changing Places toilets on every floor. We have lifts as well as escalators to travel between floors.

The Changing Places loos are accessed by RADAR key but there are accessible toilets without RADAR key available as well.

You can read more detailed information about the venue here –

We want MakeFest to be accessible to everyone, but it does tend to become a loud and crowded event. You don’t need a ticket to come in, so it’s entirely fine to leave and come back in – St John’s Gardens are right across the street and can provide a bit of respite.

A photo of St John's Gardens, showing statues and the Liverpool city skyline in the background
St John’s Gardens

The Picton Reading Room on the 1st floor is also a quiet reading space which might provide a break from the noise and excitement should you need it.

A photo of the Picton Reading Room at Liverpool Central Library.
The Picton Reading Room

Please ask a member of the event crew or library staff should you need any assistance and we will always do our best to help.

Team MakeFest