Tech is exciting!

Here at Liverpool MakeFest we’re always amazed by the variety of makers that choose to come to our festivals.

Some makers work in similar fields or with similar technologies, apply them in different ways, or extend them to work with other technologies. That could be makers who’re using technology to run LED arrays for interesting displays, such as Richard’s vast examples shown us, or coupling LED displays to sensors as has happened with Made Invaders’ soft dart range.

Made Invaders header image

Whatever makers do we’re always blown away by the ingenuity of the people involved.

Makers have a variety of skills much like the duo behind “Creative Stitch and Toy Hacker“, and the the duo behind “We Just Like to Make Stuff!” And individuals such as Sam who once melded a knitting machine with light and sound!


Many makers are embedded in business ventures and they get to work with multidisciplinary teams. Makers such as those creatives at Novoda, and makers at MiMu Gloves. We’re all lucky these makers get time from their busy work and life schedules to make, learn, share and excite us.

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We enjoy getting applications from makers working within many realms and we’re already seeing some themes from LoRaWAN to maths via manufacturing, all being used differently in the applications that we’ve already received for MakeFest 2018!

Tech is exciting! If you’ve got something, we’re the festival for you and your wares! Make an application now for #LivMF18 or get in touch if you want to talk!

We look forward to hearing from you (o:

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