MakeFest Memories 7 – Edward Smart

Hello folks, we’re back after a little Easter break, and we’re back with more MakeFest Memories. Today I have a real treat for you. We talk a lot about our goal to inspire future generations with MakeFest and that really is important for us. Well imagine how pleased we were to receive an email recently from Edward Smart, a 7 year old MakeFest attendee who wanted to tell us his favourite moments and share some awesome photos too. Take it away Ed….


I’m Edward and when I went to my first MakeFest in 2015 I was 5 years old (I’m a lot of older now).

I took a big robot that I helped make for a parade, it was so massive that it had to go on the roof rack of our car so we had to go slow and it took ages to get there! I also made some other things with my mum (because I helped a lot I put my name on the sign – my writing is better now).


Photo 1 from Edward Smart blog  

When I was there I got to have a play with lots of things like robots that followed my track and I printed a card for my sister. A girl scanned me into her tablet which was scary but good.


When I was 6 years old I went to MakeFest again, this time it was Comic Con too so I dressed up as Yoda. R2D2 saw me and chased me but last year a dalek chased me so I was ready!


I got a sticker with my face on it (it said I’m happy) and I played a cool game with hidden worlds. I also made a friend called Zarino who played Made Invaders with me and we got a big score.


When I was 7 years old I went back to MakeFest, I think I’ll always go to MakeFest! This time I played with balloon popping robots and drove a remote control robot all over the library – we even had to drive into the lift to get it downstairs. I also coded a drone to nearly fly through a hoop.


I made a book art, a Harry Potter wand and even made pasta.


I took photos with a cat head and looked through different types of telescope because at MakeFest you’re even allowed on the roof.


It’s hard to describe MakeFest because it’s just everything in one place.


Wasn’t that great? A big thanks to Ed and his mum Liz Smart for sending us this! It’s tough to think of a better description for makefest than that last line and we certainly hope you’ll always come back to makefest too!

Don’t Liverpool MakeFest 2018 is on June 30th at Liverpool Central Library and it’s free for all. Just to help us out though please sign up for tickets via Eventbrite that way we can get an idea how many people are coming.

If you want to send us your own MakeFest Memories you can email – or ping us via our social media links at the top right of the page there.

Until next time, keep making memories… or should the be makefesting memories? Anyway you get the idea 🙂


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