Inaugural Cosy Conference

This year at Liverpool MakeFest we’ve made way to host a conference of sorts in a cosy setting, situated on the ground floor after the atrium!

To do this we’ve been working with both Ignite Liverpool and Awesome Foundation Liverpool.

Ignite will be running an unconference, with eight tracks.

  • Ecconomics of being a maker
  • Education
  • Privacy / Security
  • Retrogames
  • Sensory Data
  • Diversity
  • Manufacturing
  • Imaging

Here’s what the good folks over at Ignite have to say about their involvement.

At Liverpool Makefest we thought we would take the opportunity to examine some of the issues that have been raised over the years at our regular Ignite event, but with a maker theme.

Each themed session will consist of four short 5 minute presentations from our speakers then we will have a Question and Answer opportunity to dig into the detail.

If you’re interested in igniting an audience in any of these tracks please jump through this weblink and sign up on their website!

Awesome will be holding their gift proceedings and awarding a winner at Liverpool MakeFest this year. The winner takes home a no strings attached award for their big idea, worth £500!

Awesome applications need to meet four criteria.

  • Solve a problem
  • Has a budget
  • Is local
  • Brings joy

To apply for a chance to win the £500 gift please jump through this weblink and submit an application on their website!

Thanks for reading any questions please get in touch with either organisation or alternatively contact us.

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