Throwback Thursday – Chelsea Slater (2015 interview)

Chelsea Slater chatting to Dan for Radio MakeFest in 2015

Happy Thursday everyone, is that a thing? Well it is now I guess. It’s almost as good as Friday and it does have one advantage Friday doesn’t, that’s our regular Throwback Thursday posts. This week for your listening pleasure I have an interview recorded back in 2015 with Chelsea Slater at the first Liverpool MakeFest. Chelsea is one of the founders of Liverpool Girl Geeks, what’s that you ask? Listen to the interview and she’ll tell you.


This is a very timely post because on Monday you’ll be able to hear a fresh, up to date chat I had with Chelsea detailing all the amazing things that have happened in 3 short years. So consider this a primer. It’s quite short but a great little discussion which gets into gender politics in science and tech amongst other things. Hope you enjoy it!

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Enjoy your weekend and join us again on Monday for that new interview, it’s a good’un 🙂

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