Throwback Thursday – Interview: Caroline Keep & Mark Feltham

That’s right we’re back again with another new feature, something else you can expect to see in the coming weeks before Liverpool MakeFest 2018. Each Thursday we’ll repost something from a previous year we feel is deserving of another look, or in today’s case another listen. We’re calling it Throwback Thursday because we’re mad for a bit of alliteration, we know it’s not the most original name but any similarity to other media features living or dead is purely coincidental. The legal team told me to add that bit.

Caroline Keep & Mark Feltham on Radio MakeFest back in 2015.

So cast your minds back to the first Liverpool MakeFest in June 2015 if you can, I know it’s been a while. On the day I set up a radio/podcasting studio on the top floor from which we broadcast throughout the building. We also recorded interviews to release as podcasts. Well you may have seen that as of this week Radio MakeFest is back with new content. So to celebrate that resurrection today’s Throwback Thursday is an interview with 2 of the festival founders Caroline Keep and Mark Feltham.

It’s a really fun discussion about a wide range of things to do with planning and executing the event but we also get into random stuff such as inspirational quotes from Kevin Costner films. That’s probably my fault I can’t help myself. It’s a good laugh though and also captures something of the vibe from that first ground braking event.


So have a listen, it’s only 9 minutes and if you enjoy it you could subscribe to Radio MakeFest to get the ongoing series of interviews in the next couple of months.

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Remember “built it, they will come!” or words to that effect. Speak to you again soon 🙂


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