Throwback Thursday – Joshua Lowe (2015 interview)

Hello one and all, we’re back with the next in our Throwback Thursday series. This time it’s another audio interview from the original Radio MakeFest recordings. These interviews were all done in my little makeshift studio at the first ever Liverpool MakeFest in 2015. So here is an interview with young maker extrordinaire Joshua Lowe.

A photo of Josh on stage at the 2017 PyCon UK event
Joshua Lowe (right) collecting his Pinner Award at 2017 PyCon UK event.

Let me begin by giving you a little background. Cast your minds back, it’s 2015, I’m sat in the studio pottering away doing something or other when in walks this young lad with his Dad. They were interested in all the fancy looking equipment I had and audio stuff in general. So I explained what I was doing. Through the course of this conversation I realised that 11 year old Josh was something of a Maker himself and with his Dad’s encouragement we fired up the computer to began recording this interview. The following audio is what happened next.


It’s fair to say I was blown away by all the stuff Josh had done even back then and he was just setting out on his Maker journey. Since 2015 he’s gone on to do some amazing things and I can tell you – after taking a quick look into my crystal ball to predict the future – that the next new episode of Radio MakeFest will be an updated interview with Josh about all the cool stuff he’s doing these days.

So I hope you enjoyed this Throwback Thursday interview in preparation for the new discussion coming up next Monday.

We talk a lot about trying to inspire kids through Liverpool MakeFest and that really is important. Well you don’t have to listen to us old farts extol the virtues of Making now, take it from this young man’s perspective instead. They sky really is the limit.

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We hope you have a good weekend and don’t forget to come back on Monday for the next episode in our Meet The Makers series. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell people you don’t even know. It all helps.

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Photo credit: The above photo is taken from Flickr where is was posted by Mark Hawkins under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.


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