£500 giveaway for your maker project!


Do you have an awesome idea that £500 would make you actually do?

The Awesome Foundation is giving away that much at Liverpool MakeFest.

What kind of ideas?

Something playful, fun, novel, risky, amazing, serious, joyful … awesome…

Something bursting with electronics or software or laser cutting or 3D printing or anything…

How do I apply?

Just fill in this short form and then pitch for 5 mins in the Central Library at MakeFest on 30th June.


Don’t worry about the usual “being local” criteria – this month is special, maker projects are good too.

What’s Awesome Liverpool?

We’re a bunch of ordinary people who give away £500 of our own money every month to the most awesome project that applies. No strings attached.

This month, in celebration of Liverpool MakeFest, we’re giving the money to a “makery” project.

More about Awesome Liverpool here: http://awesomeliverpool.co.uk/

Don’t wait!

Apply now – be creative.

What have you got to lose?

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