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Hello everyone, the dust has finally settled from Liverpool MakeFest 2019 and the organisers begin to emerge carefully back into the world from under rocks, behind trees and other hiding places. Blinking at the blinding lights and endlessly spooked by the loud noises of outside life. You’ll have to imagine I just said that in a David Attenborough wildlife documentary kind of style for effect.

MakeFest went brilliantly and massive thanks to everyone who came along! I’ll be posting a proper (and I do mean proper) extended thank you post very soon. For today though I wanted to share with you all the video of our Ignite Liverpool Futures 2049 sessions from the day. These are collections of 5 minute talks on what life might be like 2049, followed by panel discussions.

There were 4 sections of about 45mins each and I’ve separated them all out for you. They’ve been edited and spruced up to the best of my ability (so don’t expect Michael Bay, although perhaps that’s a good thing). Let’s get into it.

Session 1 – Sustainability & The City

(apologies for the audio issues during the first 2 talks, these we quickly fixed)

Session 2 – Medicine & Longevity

Session 3 – Society & Governance

Session 4 – Transportation & Transportation Systems

A BIG thanks for Neil Morrin for working so hard putting this line up together for us and coordinating it all. Thanks also to Zarino Zappia for being the compare on the day and host with the most.

Feel free to share the videos as you see fit and help spread the word. We hope you enjoy them and if you like the Ignite format you can come along to one of the quarterly events upstairs at LEAF On Bold Street. At the time of writing the next one is on August 19th so don’t miss it.

More info at the Ignite Liverpool website.

You can find these videos on our Liverpool MakeFest YouTube channel and I’ll be adding more interviews and other short videos collected by Hayley Trowbridge and her team of volunteers over the summer. So subscribe if you want to keep up with all that, thanks!

OK that’s your lot for now I’m afraid but I’ll be back with the big monster thank you post to wrap up MakeFest for the year, then we can we put it back in bubble wrap and stick it in the loft for a bit.

Take care of yourselves (and each other),


Team MakeFest

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