Come To Halton MakeFest 2020

Greetings one and all, it’s been a little while hasn’t it? What have you been up to? Things are good here at MakeFest Manor and I’m pleased to say the roof tiles have survived the current high winds from storm Ciara. Rest assured that we’ll be revealing all the juicy details of Liverpool MakeFest 2020 very soon. Today however I’d like to point you in the direction of another great event happening right here in the North West. The inaugural Halton Makefest will take place on Saturday Feb 22nd 2020. You can book your FREE tickets right now and find more about the event on their lovely website –

(And it is a lovely website. We are liking their work. Game recognises game and all that hehe)

If you’ve attended Liverpool MakeFest or even just followed this blog for any length of time, then many of the names and faces involved should be familiar to you. They have a great line up of Makers and in the true spirit of MakeFest they want to see what you can create as well. It’s an interactive experience. So take the family along and jump into a full day or free Making fun! – Check out the list of makers

The most important things to the MakeFest founders back in 2015 were to make it free, open source, community driven and crucially to encourage others to run their own MakeFest events. There’s even a full guide on how to do that.

(Disclaimer: I’m not actually one of the original founding trio but I am totally saying this without any encouragement or coercion… <turns to the side> was that OK? <nervous laugh>)

So please head along to Halton MakeFest 2020 and we’ll see you there. I’ll be there, pushing microphones into unsuspecting people’s faces as I am wont to do. Well you’ve got to have a hobby haven’t you? Come and say hello. Maybe I’ll record it.


Help us spread the word as well too, tell friends and family, anyone you think might be interested, we thank you in advance 🙂

See ya,

Dan Lynch

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