ARITH-MATIC is a computational hardware project and micro startup. We craft a range of beautifully engineered DIY electronic kits which explore the guts of computing. We’ll be at Liverpool Makefest 2019 to exhibit our kits and to share the design process we use to develop ARITH-MATIC products!

Our flagship kit – the S1-AU Mk1 – is a 4-bit arithmetic unit. It is designed with 7400 series ICs and enables you to get hands on with the arithmetic operations found at the heart of digital computers.

Our newest kit – the S1-MU Mk1 – is an 8-bit memory unit. Designed with a LY62256PL RAM IC and 7400 series ICs, it is a practical introduction to the binary mechanisms which read and write data to memory.
Both kits are operated manually, through tactile interactions, and enable you to visually trace computing operations through a series of ultra-bright LEDs. They are a unique and rewarding soldering exercise for computing enthusiasts, hobbyists and makers.

To discover more about binary notation, digital electronics, the joy of 7400 series ICs and the logical mechanisms found at the heart of every digital computer, check out the ARITH-MATIC project at:

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Most importantly, do pop by and say hello on 29th June!
Twitter: @arith_matic

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