Dark Water – find sunken treasure

“Pirates, treasure and underwater robots – what more could you want?”

In the year 1715 “Brown Whiskers”, the infamous and secretive pirate captain, sank his treasure ship to prevent it falling into the hands of his enemies.

 Dark Water Map

After 300 years, the Dark Water Foundation discovered the location of the wreck, but they need your help and expertise to recover the undersea riches.


Your mission:

With the help and advice of Dark Water Foundation team, design and build an underwater ROV (remotely operated vehicle) using the Lego, buoyancy tanks and motors provided.


It will need to be capable of manoeuvring past underwater obstacles, picking up a treasure chest with an attached magnet and bringing it back to the recovery location in the fastest time – the manoeuvrability of your ROV and your piloting skills will be tested to the limit.


You’ll have the duration of the workshop to design, build and test your ROV – after which you can’t modify it until you begin your timed mission.


There will be a prize of a mini-ROV kit for the fastest time of the day and the best design.

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