Do It Kits

Do It Kits are classroom kits that teach science in an easy, fun and creative way using technology and maker methods. All our kits are makes; hands-on activities which help students understand and engage with the curriculum on a deeper level. They are particularly good for students who don’t work as well with traditional book learning. Each kit comes with three hours of lesson plans, worksheets and teacher guidance, with up to date curriculum links at KS3, GCSE and A Level, to make your life a little easier.

We have two Science of Music based kits suitable for Physics, Maths, D&T or Music; one kit that gets students to breadboard a synthesiser, and another that gets students to make a one string electric guitar. One that may really interest you is our Biology ‘Time to React’ kit, testing your reacting time, teaching students about neurons, synapses, ethics, human experimentation etc.


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