// Lasercut a Magic Detector //

// Brand your campaign for the future world of work //

// Respond to your ecology with IOT //

You will learn how to design and laser-cut your own magic detector, which you can take with you and use to sense something about the library and the people at Maker Fest.

You will create an on the spot campaign kit for the Future World of Work.

You will learn how IOT technologies are teaching us to respond to and interact critically with our ecologies.

You will use your imagination to think of something to detect, then you will learn how to design a prototype detector using Inkscape and then how to laser cut it on the spot to explore the festival with.

You will work with our campaign team for the Future World of Work to create and brand your own campaigns for worker rights. This will involve using and prototyping craftivism kits with our groups on workers rights issues for the future.

You will work with our tech teams to see how IOT sensors can help us respond and connect with our ecologies. This will involve seeing how IOT technologies can help us respond to our ecologies and to prototype our own networks and responses.





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