Fire Tech

Fire Tech is the UK’s leading provider of tech education for young people aged 9-17. We want to help young people make things with technology, and we want them to learn design thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration in the process. 

Fire Tech brings young people together in small groups, led by inspiring young experts in their fields, to inspire, encourage and support. We build communities of young people and give them everything they need to be inspired, independent learners and creators. We are building the next generation of innovators.
At Liverpool MakeFest we’re bringing Ozobots and Anki Cozmo robots for children of all ages to try their hands at programming robots to solve problems, whether this involves using text-based code, or drawing coloured lines to program a robot, come and have a go.

We’re also bringing some of our stock of Micro:bits with us for you to have a go at programming. With a host of built-in sensors and lots of potential for connecting other bits of electronics to it, what will you be able to build?


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