Life Sciences UTC – make your own lab equipment

Liverpool Life Sciences UTC is the first school in the UK specialising in Science and Health Care for 14 to 19 year olds. University, Apprenticeships, Careers…

We’ve been 3D printing our own lab equipment… so come and check out our stand!



Currently in the innovation labs as well as in Greenland Biodesign, we have been 3D printing Eppendorfs holders, which are being used to store small amount of samples. Because the Eppendorf are being printed with ABS plastic, it is very durable and they are able to withstand the -80 freezer for long-term storage.


We have  3D printed a mini centrifuge, which is being upgraded by Greenland Biodesign, so that it can be charged up using a USB port.

We have also been working with 3D scanning. This would allow us to scan objects, such as scientific models or equipment and print it using the 3D printer.

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