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“Code with colour with OZOBOT from California!”

Ozo 1


We’re delighted to be showcasing these great little bots from California – the first time that they’ve been out in public this side of the pond! So come and have a go at coding with colour on our BotStage 🙂

So what are they?

  • A simple, fun and engaging introduction into coding and programming with Ozobot, a revolutionary learning tool for the digital generation.

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  • Draw color combinations of red, green, blue and black to control and influence Ozobot’s behavior on paper and tablets.

dual ozos copy

  • Designed and programmed to remember and playback up to 500 different moves to create one-of-kind dance routines set to your favorite songs.

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  • Download Ozobot’s free STEM/STREAM based lesson plans & workshops, perfect for teachers and parents looking for new ways to engage young minds

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  • Free iOS & Android apps featuring OzoDraw, OzoLuck, OzoPath and OzoGroove

CHECK out for much more !

Where can I get  my hands on an OZOBOT?

Currently you can only buy Ozobots from and but in a month or two, you’ll be able to get them on too.

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