Ray Phillips – The faces of Dr Who

Ray Phillips, is a freelance sculptor, mask and costume makers, prop builder and adult/further education tutor based in Northhumberland. So if you want to see how you go about creating amazing Dr Who masks and other fantastic sci-fi props and sculptures, Ray’s return to Makefest this year, is a must see!







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  1. http://www.rayphillips.co.uk
    Ray Phillips is a freelance sculptor, mask and costume maker, prop builder, painter and adult/further education tutor based in Northumberland, UK. “I have always been a painter, and have been a practicing professional artist since 1993. I have a wealth of experience in skill sharing, both in a classroom setting and in project/skills workshop environments. My past experience includes mural painting, school residencies, one day workshops and more than fourteen years teaching practice in the field of family learning and adult education. Although specialising in oil painting at university my work has developed over time into a range of different fields. In recent years my creative output has almost exclusively been in the field of prop and mask making for performance. Beginning with my involvement with U.K based charity fundraising organisations , my masks, props and costumes have appeared at conventions, festivals, on stage and on television across the UK

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