Sticker Critter

Everyone loves stickers, but no one likes stickers more than the Sticker Critter! This fun activity allows visitors to create their very own as a souvenir of MakeFest Liverpool using the Sticker Critter.

The project uses the new Windows IoT Core as a development platform, visitors can create their own custom stickers to take away.Try designing your custom sticker then the sticker critter will process the drawing, see it printed, all ages and all abilities canparticipate in this activity.
The project is written in C# programming language, using Microsoft Windows IoT core running on Raspberry Pi hardware. The art scanner uses a 3D printed frame and webcam to process the artwork, thus producing a one bit dithered image that the thermal printer can reproduce on the sticker.
Take a paper template and use the pens to design your own sticker, keep the design inside the guides, and please use all the space available. The sticker scanner will scan your creation and create your stickers.
Also featuring the cognitive mirror that can read your emotions from your expression using the the power of machine learning and cloud computing.


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