The Lambent Lantern

The Lambent Lantern is a new steampunk styled ambient light – a practical project, refined product and halfway-house between our collective “making” practices in traditional craft and contemporary embedded electronics. 
At Liverpool MakeFest 19 we’ll be showcasing our Lambent Lantern prototype and sharing some of the time-honoured fabrication and digital technology techniques that went into realising the device.

About Cornbrook Creative: Cornbrook Creative is a studio-based federation of artist-designer-makers, creative technologists and mixed media producers/curators with proven talent and a fascination for creative technology. We’re based in Cakebread Workshop, Manchester, UK – a new co-operative workspace & fabrication facility serving the city’s creative communities.
Our practice reflects a range of interests and concerns which traverse artistic, technical, scientific, social and political enquiry and action – and a critically optimistic attitude. Our artistic rationale is to develop and showcase technology-based artwork that is not only appealing, participative and playful but also communicative, thought-provoking and with hidden depth.

Cornbrook Creative

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