The X-PC

Old laptops reconfigured into new desktop computers.

Neil Lambeth says – I work in the technology department in a school, where we use a lot of laptops for our CAD work. Unfortunately they get a lot of abuse and so I ended up with a stack of broken laptops destined for the bin. I wanted to reconfigure these laptops into something better suited for use in a school. So I created the X-PC -a snazzy desktop computer made from the old laptop parts.

A collection of X-PCs in various coloured cases

This project was a finalist in the 2022 Hackaday Prize:

I also have the “$10Robot!” a super cheap educational robotics platform. Also a Hackaday Prize finalist in 2023:

The Red Robotics $10Robot

This will be more interactive as the visitors will be able to drive the robots about. I recently mentored 2 young teams for PiWars – the Raspberry Pi based robotics competition. We got first and second place with the robots “TechnoFire” & “Reactor”, I’ll have them on show.

A collection of X-PCs set up for use

Twitter: @NeilRedRobotics

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