UK Unplugged CIC

We create cutting-edge, original boxes that spark new interests, inspire exploration and support mental health.

Working with local experts, craftspeople and artists, we design boxes that help you take a break from screens and indulge in fun, quality family time. Get unplugged with us.

UK Unplugged logo - the organisation name in multi-colours with a sketch of a plug

One of our new boxes is an Earth Friendly Architecture Box- and I’d like to challenge people to make their own designs and to guess some of the sustainable materials used around the world for building. All of our Boxes are made with materials that are sustainably sourced, and locally made where possible. We work with local printers, woodcarvers and artists. Our recent Avionics box and Japan box (for 8+ provide some amazing STEAM activities for families that are eco friendly).

Diana, UK Unplugged CIC

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