Wirral Unplugged

We transform lives by creating opportunities for all and by empowering families to innovate, collaborate and unplug.

Why unplug?

Technology has been a great societal transformer, often defining how we work, study, play, keep in touch and relax. During the most recent coronavirus pandemic, technology’s influence has, perhaps, never been so apparent — and we understand the great potential technology has for people and the planet.

But striking a balance between screen-on and screen-off time can be difficult. Overusing technology can elevate our stress levels, limit our connection with others and restrict our creative thinking. Finding a balance of screen-on and screen-off time is essential, especially so for our youngest members of society, who know no world without technology. We unplug, not just to take time out of tech, but to also think outside the box and prepare children for the world of tomorrow.

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