Liverpool FunFest 17

So we have made it to the eve of Liverpool MakeFest and we are so excited. Our makers are excited and so are our guests and we are not surprised.

There is so much to see and do for all ages and it is all packed in to one Saturday. We thought we would put everything that will be fun into this final post to tantalise your taste buds one last time before tomorrow.

Keeping it simple today, here are the list of most of the Makers who are bringing games, robots, story times and giving you the opportunity to get stuck in too. A list of all workshops taking place will be posted at the end.

Our “Come and Have a Go” Makers:

Fancy yourself as a sharp-shooter? Then why not come and try your hand against the professionals with this hi-tech shoot ’em up?
So why not come and marvel at their engineering, or better still, have a go at beating their scores with NERF guns?
@DefProc @madeinvaders
Made Invaders header image

“Greetings from Skaro…”
Extreme treatment for Daleknaphobia!
You may want to bring your sonic screwdrivers!
The Daleks are coming to MakeFest!!
The team behind the most realistic, fully interactive, talking Dalek are back again. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Control a sub A6 Raspberry Pi fighting robot, and pop your opponent(s) balloon before they pop yours.

Fully interactive den building, including either story based den building, or den inspired story telling, depending on you.

We supply large fabrics, plastic, tape, paper, crates, pegs and long canes; and you supply the imagination and the gravity defying engineering skills!

Ingenues is a not for profit creating children’s activities and workshops based on inspirational women and their fields. These include experiments, costumes activities and games so children can learn in a fun and engaging way.

FabLab Liverpool, John Moores University:
Play around with the technology available at the FabLab, around the theme of Health and Wellbeing.
Activities include:

“Engrave what makes you happy” to create personalized stamps and contribute to a collaborative art peice.

“Print your happy face” where we’ll 3D scan and print attendees smiling faces.

V-Art where attendees will be able to create art on the HTC Vive VR headset.


Python- Programmable Rainbow Badgeswith @ShrimpingIt

This accessible workshop shares how to wire up and program the wifi-enabled, python-programmable Cockle ESP8266, using the example of an 8 pixel color-controllable badge running off 4xAAA batteries. The ESP8266 is an emerging, exciting technology fuelling the development of the Internet of Things.

The Cockle is our own python-programmable remix of the NodeMCUv2 ESP8266 module that we buy in wholesale for less than £4! We share all our software and supplier information for others to replicate our work, but welcome your support buying pre-prepared kits.


I make animal models using Plaster of Paris and moulds. I sell these hand made products. Children and indeed adults can use water colour to paint them. It looks great after adding a final coat of clear nail vanish.


Little Sandbox is a tech club in Bootle for kids aged 8 – 12.

Activities include coding, animation, electronics, robotics, design and film making.

We’ll bring along some video games we’ve made, and some robotic arms and other gadgets to display.


I run workshops and projects that use technology to engage people with art, science and nature. I specialise in using techniques such as paper electronics and e-textiles to make interactive artworks with people.


Cassandra is an interactive, electronic fortune teller machine. She incorporates subtle sensors to invoke interaction and provides individual readings in response to each user. Her approach is based on a form of cognitive programming employed by traditional fortune tellers.

Cassandra was designed as a social psychology experiment to demonstrate how we form and reinforce our beliefs.


– Crafty Explorers (Free) Marquee
– Story Builders (Free) Cafe
– The League Of Gentlemen and Extraordinary Ladies (Free) G7/G8
– Pattern Craft (Free) G9/G10
– Novoda (Free) G2A
– Code Bug/EHU (Free) G2B
– FactLab @ Fact (Free) G1
– Western Spiral Art (£) F9/F11
– POP Models (£) F10/F11
– Girl on Purl Action (Free) F12
– Gary Millar (Business and Start Up Advice) (Free) F8
– MeLT 3D Print ++ (Free) S1
– Code-A-Drone (Free) T3/T4
– Liverpool Code Club (Free) T7/T8
– Field Ready: Humanitarian Makers Ideas Workshop (Free) T11
– Wigan STEAM (Free) T12

We are really looking forward to it. Liverpool MakeFest 17 is going to be so good. Ideally come down early and have a go at as much as possible. There is something for everyone and every type of maker. You could end up unearthing something new about yourself in the process or discover a budding genius in the making.

Doors open 9am and we are open all day until 5pm. Free admission. Get free tickets here:  or alternatively pop in whenever you want.

There will be volunteers on the day to assist in directing you or answer any questions you might have about the running of the day. A downloadable PDF map will be available from our website for your smart phone or tablet or pick up one in person.

It’s finally here. See you tomorrow bright and early!


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