New Podcast – with Lorraine Underwood

Hello again to all you lovely people out there in Maker-land. Not long now till Liverpool MakeFest 2019 and we hope you’re as excited as we are! As you’ll probably have seen (if not why not?!) I’ve been interviewing some of the Makers involved as we build up to the big day. It’s a little podcast we like to call Radio MakeFest.

A new episode has just been released and this time I spoke with maker extrodinaire Lorraine Underwood about here project Cubert, which will be on display at MakeFest. We also discussed how she got into making, what excites her about it, interacting with the community and much more in this half hour interview.

Cubert, a 1 metre cube of light up LED ping pong balls

So give it a listen and let us know what you think, you can leave comments on this blog or comment on the podcast episodes directly. You can tweet @lpoolmakefest or email with your thoughts. What else… erm… courier pigeons, smoke signals, semaphore… whatever you fancy, give it a go!

I’ll be back with more interviews in the next couple of weeks on the final run in to MakeFest… you could even call it The Final Countdown… oh come on you knew that was coming, get your poodle rock on! 😉

Be good out there, or don’t, just make sure to hide the evidence afterwards!


Team MakeFest

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