Neston High School Makerspace Crowdfunder

Hello everyone, you may remember on the recent podcast I did with Pat Link at Neston High School Makerspace, he mentioned they would be launched a crowdfunder campaign. Well he’s only gone and done it, it’s now live!

An example of a Strandbeast by Theo Janson
An example of a strandbeast

Help support them in reaching their goal of £5500 to buy new equipment and really take the Makerspace to the next level. They are promoting the Precious Plastic movement and recycling old materials into awesome new things. They want to make a giant pedal powered strandbeast! The amazing creations by artist Theo Janson. Plastic waste is so destructive and this is a really important cause. Plus of course educating the next generation of artists, engineers and makers. That’s pretty damn important too!


Even if you can’t contribute financially that’s OK, you can still help by sending this to friends, posting it on social media and getting the word out!

Thank you! Let’s keep our fingers crossed they hit the goal.


Team MakeFast

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