Podcast – Hex Ceramic

Ahoy hoy! It’s time for another Meet The Makers podcast over on Radio MakeFest and for this episode I chatted with Darren, better known as Hex Ceramic about his work.

Darren is making the badges for MakeFest this year and we’re not allowed to show them to you yet. You’ll have to make do with this photo of the stamp used to make them.

This is the stamp used to make this years MakeFest badges.
Badge Stamp

I didn’t sign an NDA or anything but I am slightly worried Caroline will break my legs, it’s supposed to be a surprise hehehe 😉

Only kidding it’s fine, there’s no threat of violence… (whispers) send help!


There’s a 2 or 3 more episodes to come before the big day so stay tuned. We hope you’re enjoying these fireside chats with some of the makers involved in this event.

Catch you soon,


Team MakeFest

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