Podcast – Mike Gorman

Hello everyone, I’m back again with another Radio MakeFest podcast for you to check out. While I was at the “mecca of makers” (my term not theirs) that is DoES Liverpool recording my last podcast with Darren. I noticed the Liverpool Synthesizer Meet was going on in the next room. So I couldn’t miss out on the chance to chat with Mike Gorman who not only organises the meetings but also builds his own analogue synths. Lots of delicate soldering involved in that I expect. Way more delicate than I can manage.

Mike Gorman
Mike demonstrating one of his synths

Have a listen to this quick interview I did with Mike about how he got into making synths, amongst many other things.


Mike will be bringing some of his synths to MakeFest and displaying them on the DoES Liverpool stand. So if you want to see them for yourself and have a chat to him you should definitely come along. They’ll be on the ground floor near the entrance.

Ok that’s your lot for now, I’ve got another couple of interviews recorded which you’ll be able to hear in the next week. It’s the final build up to the big day, Liverpool MakeFest 2019 – June 29th at Liverpool Central Library. Don’t forget to grab yourself a ticket and join us!

Speak soon, take care out there,


Team MakeFest

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