Liverpool Book Art

Liverpool Book Art organises exhibitions, fairs and other activities related to artists’ books.

We are passionate about the whole range of book art, which ranges from simple folded pages to unique hand-made books and book sculptures. We want to show people these wonderful works of art, and inspire people to get involved and make their own.
We will have an exhibition in the Central Library’s Hornby room from May to August, so you can see that during Makefest. All the works are inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, as it is 200 years since it was first published.

For Makefest we plan to promote the exhibition and our annual fair (which takes place in the Library 7th & 8th July). We will also have members of the North West Book Artists group demonstrating how to make simple book art, and talking about their group. They also hope to recruit new members from visitors to Makefest.

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