UK R2 Builders Club

The UK R2 Builders Club The UK R2 Builders Club is a group of dedicated Star War fans with a passion for building replica R2-D2s or other R2 units from the film series including R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6.

There is also a section in the club for other types are droids too!

We have members throughout the UK, many are either in the process of building or have completed their droids (sometimes more than one) and attend local events such Sci-Fi and Comic Conventions for a social aspect and to entertain the public attending the events.

The droids are built to “as close as can be” to the original film props used with countless hours measuring, cutting, painting and creating electronics. In fact many of these replica droids are considerably more advanced than the film’s originals.

The Club has also been lucky enough to have been noticed by Disney and regularly asked to supply droids to official Disney events, some members and their droids have been lucky enough to be used in the recent films!

Activity: Exhibit

Location: Ground floor areas


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