Workers Educational Association

Adult education working towards a better world – equal, democratic & just.

The WEA North West region provides stimulating and diverse learning opportunities for adults, often targeted at some of the most deprived communities. Our courses dramatically improve confidence as we re-introduce people to study and encourage active engagement with their own needs and those of their community.

The North West Region of the WEA stretches from Cheshire in the South to the Scottish boarders in the North; whilst the Pennines and the West Coast complete the geographical boundaries of the region. The region is incredibly diverse in terms of its geography, population and challenges to the provision of adult education.

The north west region has over 2,500 members who support the work of the organisation. Some volunteer in local branches helping staff organise courses and activities within their areas.

We involve members in organising various forms of learning in their own communities, recently we have been supporting voluntary ‘learning circles’ bringing people together to study and develop learning around areas of interest.


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