MakeFest Stalwart Features On TV

Hello everyone, hope you are well out there. Here at MakeFest towers we are very proud of one of our regular makers. Guitar guru Michael Dales. AKA Electric Flapjack. Michael has been coming to Liverpool MakeFest for years and walking through the event you can usually hear the distant strains of guitar playing coming from his stand. It’s always a highlight of the event.

Recently we discovered that he’s been featured on Swedish TV station SVT and we were proud as punch. We wanted to share the link so you can all see it. Michael talks about his 3D printed guitar and how it call came about.


A quick tip, if your Swedish is a little lacking (like mine) don’t worry. Press the button marked SPELA to play the 7min video. Most of it is in English with Swedish subtitles so you can follow along.

Huge congratulations to Michael, it’s always good to see MakeFest alumnae doing so well!

Just one example of the sort of awesome people you can see at Liverpool MakeFest.

Best wishes,

Team MakeFest

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